> Cycle + YOGA

After 45 minutes of indoor cycling, enjoy 30 minutes of yoga with an emphasis on longer held poses, including runner's lunge and pigeon. The use of props helps the body feel supported and releases tension. A focus on alignment and breath is key to bringing body and mind into equilibrium. This class is open to all fitness levels!

> Cycle + CORE

After 45 minutes of indoor cycling, get ready to work your core for a 15 minute supercharged abdominal workout. Open to all fitness levels!


Experience the best of indoor cycling (30 minutes) and the best of TRX (45 minutes) all in one incredible full body workout! Open to all fitness levels!

> CYCLE + BArre

This 75 minute full body workout will get your heart racing and body sculpted. First, you will experience 30 minutes of indoor cycling. Then when your heart and legs are warm and strong, you will switch to the Barre which is 45 minutes of pure strengthening, toning and lengthening. Open to all fitness levels.