It's All Simple Math : 1+2=3

I just got off the phone with a basketball trainer I was interviewing to coach my son Ethan. Not only were his values in accordance with mine (exactly and on every point), but one thing he said made it perfectly clear that HE IS THE ONE! We discussed how important it was for Ethan to LOVE THE PROCESS. YES! We talked about Ethan’s dreams and aspirations and we agreed how important it was for him that in order to succeed as he wants to, he has to LOVE THE PROCESS! We hear a lot of people saying “Trust the Process” and I’m not going to get into the merits of whether that philosophy makes sense; if it works for you, then live by it! But I personally think that if you go beyond “trusting” and move to “loving”, you might just end up with way more than what you ever dreamed possible.

So here is the process of which I speak and the simple math that goes along with it: 1. Resolution plus 2. Routine equals 3. Results. 

I recently wrote another blog about New Years Resolutions and for the sake of this blog, let’s assume that in the next few days, you have chosen to make a lifestyle decision that will affect your health and wellness in the coming year. And furthermore, let’s assume the resolution that you’ve chosen involves physical activity. So, here you have the resolution to do something at the gym - maybe it’s trying something new like a Barre class or setting a goal of swinging a 30lb Kettlebell. You’ve got #1.

Once you make that initial decision to “go for it”, work on developing a ROUTINE around that decision (#2). In these examples, maybe it’s looking at the Cyclone schedule and saying “I will try my first Barre class on Tuesday at lunch, and then, I’ll try another one on Saturday, and so on.” The Kettlebell example may have you saying, “I can swing 20 lbs now and maybe I can get in another class once a week to increase my strngth or perhaps I can speak to the instructor and get some advice as to how swing a heavier weight.” 

We now have #1 plus #2. And herein lies the simple math - 1 plus 2 equals RESULTS (#3). And to ensure you get the #3 that you want, make #1 and #2 fun, motivating, challenging and realistic so that you move beyond “trusting” the process and you end up “loving the process.” Simple math really.