It Doesn't Matter When, It Just Matters Why!

We get asked all the time, “So you guys must get really busy in the New Year with all the ‘resolutioners’?” First, I didn't realize “they” had a name. And yes, we do get a little busier, but for the most part, we tend to have consistent numbers throughout the year.

I think ‘resolutioners’ get a bad rap. There is the expectation that they will make the decision to change lifestyle habits, including going to the gym, and then after about 6-8 weeks, they’ll fall off the bandwagon and revert back to less-than-ideal habits. And yes, that does happen. But instead of setting people up to fail and believing in the expectation that they might, what if we give these so-called ‘resolutioners’ the power and motivation to succeed. Let’s applaud the decision to initiate change and not undermine the decision to start in the “new year”. Let’s celebrate that they made the decision at all!

I recently wrote for a blog put out by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Here are some tips taken from there that might help make the decision in the New Year, or at any other time, a little easier and more exciting:

TRY IT! Get excited about trying something new BEFORE/DURING the holidays. Set the momentum during the time that others may be winding down so you’re already ahead of the “New Year’s Resolution” rush. More important, stick with it! It will be tough and challenging at the beginning - that’s what makes it so rewarding. Seek out modifications, ask questions, but stay with it! Go at your own pace but be sure to challenge yourself!

BRING A FRIEND! Just as you might make the commitment to get a jump start on your New Year’s Resolutions, ask or even challenge a friend to join you. It is proven that working out with a friend (or friends) yields better and longer lasting results. A friend will hold you accountable to sticking with a schedule, as you will for your friend. 

FEEL PROUD! Set goals for yourself. Perhaps it’s trying your first 60 minute spin class or maybe it’s tackling a new TRX class with 100% effort. As with any fitness activity, give it your all. I use the motto - push yourself, pace yourself and then push yourself. Do not leave the class with regrets. Give everything you got when you’re there, and then walk away with a sense of accomplishment. Don’t worry what’s going on around you (e.g., if the person beside you seems to be spinning faster or lifting heavier kettlebells). Focus solely on the task of doing the best that YOU can do, THAT day, and walk away with a huge sense of pride. 

So, with those nuggets of advice, start now, start on January 1st, start in June - it doesn’t matter when - it just matters why!