Check Your Mailbox!

I know you know this feeling…going to the mailbox and seeing an envelope that is a different size (perhaps a different colour) than the ones from the bank…that rush that someone is sending you something other than a bill. How many of those do you get in a month? One? None? For me, I can count holidays and birthdays as pretty much the only times I’ll see those colourful, different-sized, joy-enducing, envelopes!

On a similar note, when was the last time you got a “thank you” card - a real, handwritten, bright and cheerfully coloured, sincere “thank you” note? Probably close to, if not the same frequency, as those ‘surprise envelopes’ above. I received TWO recently - in ONE WEEK! After Bare All for the Barre, my labour of love for the past year, I received two handwritten, heartfelt “thank you notes”. And I’m going to take it even one step further, and I am not being sexist when I tell you, they were written by men! 

It is one thing for someone to write “happy birthday” on your Facebook wall or to send an email saying “thanks for helping out”. It is a completely different experience to receive those little cards that say “thank you”. The cards that I received nearly brought me to tears, not just for the sentiments that were expressed within, but because of the rarity in which I receive such thoughtful notes in this day and age.

I saw the men that sent the cards about a week after I received them and told them how truly happy (and appreciated) they made me feel! Both gentlemen told me (and they work with each other) that they make it a practice to take some time at the beginning of each week to reflect on the week before and choose someone (maybe more than one) to whom they will send or deliver a thoughtful, handwritten “thank you” note! I think this might be the GREATEST IDEA EVER! We know that being appreciated means so much, and we know the joy of receiving a blue or purple card in the mail, so imagine how you could make your co-worker, friend, doctor, feel by just taking 5 minutes to write a note expressing your sincerest gratitude?!

So, “thank you" Greg and Dan for showing me that it only takes a few lines and a few minutes to make someone feel truly special. Friends, readers of this blog, check your mailbox next week!